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All the Details

I like being challenged. In fact I think that may even be a hobby of mine. I like learning, discovering, and trying things outside of my comfort zone. I think these qualities lend themselves well to my work as an Instructional Designer. In order to design learning content one must be curious and willing to consider experiences outside of their own. 

In 2016 I quit my job as the Director of HR for a boutique healthcare firm and dedicated my life to the things that matter most to me: community, creativity, and constant learning. In the past few years my life has been blessed with a wealth of new experiences which have enriched my life and relationships more than I ever could have imagined. I’ve had the opportunity to:

  • Complete a secondment in London for Kaplan Professional

  • Teach English and Art in Ukraine

  • Become a certified yoga instructor

  • Visit 15 countries and 31 cities

  • Produce and MC two sold out fundraisers in partnership with Little Brothers.

  • Host and produce hundreds of live-lit and comedy shows.

  • Face my fear of dancing by performing in a choreographed show in front of 700 people.

I'm incredibly grateful to have had these experiences and I sincerely believe they have made me a better teacher, designer, and learning professional. To truly connect with learners one must be willing to listen, experiment, and take earnest feedback as an opportunity to grow. I'm so thankful for the lessons my friends and colleagues have taught me along the way. I look forward to always learning, listening, and growing. 

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